Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Glass Guild Members on Etsy Front Page!

7-31-07 CGGE Updates & Announcements!

I am excited to announce that the other day 2 of our Glass Guild (CGGE) team members were featured in a treasury that made it to the Front Page of Etsy!

Congratulations to Glassprimitif and Gardenjewels!
It is such a wonderful feeling to be featured on the front page. I hope you both experience increased visits and increased sales!
It feels like the lottery when one of your own creations are featured on the FRONT PAGE! I hope to post even more of these front page experiences of our fellow CGGE members in the future! Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to snap a screen shot!


The ACEO challenge is well underway, many CGGE glass artists rose to the challenge and submitted their creative glass ACEO's. I made a quick search of tags on Etsy, using CGGE, ACEO, and glass and was able to create a 16 image composite of the ACEO's listed so far!

Patti has also created a challenge page on our website to feature the artists and their creations for each upcoming CGGE challenge!

There is still time to submit your ACEO as the month of August we will be opening the challenge to ALL glass artists on Etsy!


The Street Team round table workshop topic for this week is “Do Street Teams Work?” Etsy Admin and YOU will be exploring this topic by discussing team goals and what Etsy members gain from joining or leading teams. This discussion will be followed up by next week’s discussion, “How to Make your Team Work”. The meeting is at 3pm, New York City time (EDT) on July 31. Here is a link to the Workshops, a time zone chart, and a schedule of each upcoming Workshop, now through October. (This excerpt was taken in part from the Etsy Team News page http://team.etsy.com/)

Please do what you can to show up and represent the CGGE!

Many thanks!

Kris & Peggy



Smokeylady60 said...

I am really going to try to sit infront of my computer and join the workshop meeting.

Love all the new stuff on the

CGGE said...

I hope to be there too! My boss is out of town, so hopefully I can swing it!