Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fantastic Flickr

I first discovered by reading about it in a newspaper way back in January 2007. Since that day I have become an avid fan of this site as it has so much to offer. For example:
It's a terrific way to keep a gallery of your photos.
You can share your images with the world or just your friends or keep them private.
New friendships are made on Flickr with like-minded people and you can also join groups who share your interests.
Of course, the CGGE has its own group on Flickr /groups/cgge/ where anyone interested in glass may view our staggering collection of 1,767 plus photos, read our discussions and meet the members. If you are already a member of the CGGE but haven't signed up to Flickr, please come and join us. Our Flickr Group is managed by the wisest of hearts, Lawatha. View her photo sets at

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