Friday, November 20, 2009

Tea Cups through America

The beauty of glass in the form of a decorative tea cup. Although you do not actually drink tea from it, this stained glass tea cup could be used in many functional and decorative ways. She suggests placing a small glass dish inside to hold water and then add some flowers. Simply beautiful and in the shop of Pam Angus on Etsy.

Now here is something from Papernclay's shop that made me smile. It is stimulus money that you can buy. $100.00 for $20.00! I do not see many deals as good as that! You can have it made as a pin or a pendant or just get it as it is so you can keep it in your pocket.

This pendant reminds me of the beautiful mums that are dotting the countryside where I live with much needed color. The wire wrapping accents the pendant perfectly and allows the tiny millefiori ( means "thousand flowers") to come alive. Check out the shop of Periwinklesuz on Etsy to learn more.

Petmemories is a CGGE member and offers a handcrafted way keeping a deceased pet close to your heart. A small portion of their ashes are incorporated in fused or lamp worked glass. I love these beads I found in her shop, but there were other wonderful ideas to choose from as well. Take a look, especially if you are looking for a way to memorialize a beloved pet.

This is Polly Piper and she is permanently fused onto red and vanilla glass by Pollyfusia. I know someone that is a bagpiper so this pretty piece caught my eye right away. You can find many different and unique designs in the shop. Visit soon!

This is such an elegant way of holding your wooden kitchen utensils. And if you are like me, and no longer have a full set, no worries here! Sierracreations not only created this stained glass holder, but she ships it to you full of utensils! I picked this one for the color and design but check out her shop for other styles.

This business card holder was created by sha's glass crafts and is one of many beautiful stained glass designs she has offered in her shop. I think that there are many people out there that would appreciate a unique way to display business cards in the studio, shop, craft fair or market. I love the lime green color and granite texture of the glass.

My last selection comes from the shop of Simply Lampwork. It is a focal bead, and was designed to honor America's past, present and future. I think that everyone that calls themselves an American should have one of these to carry in some way, each and every day. Keep it to remember that there are thanks to be given for what it means to be an American and to guide us in our actions as we live each day to encourage the best future for everyone that calls America home.

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