Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the Words of the Artists

Persephone's Love Leaf Pendant by BurningScentsations

"Strung on forest green ribbons, you may be mistaken for the goddess of spring!"

Lampwork Glass Bead Impressionism Focal by Calumey

"Encased in clear glass to magnify the hazy ethereal colors on this tube shaped bead."

Crimsom Clouds Cheese Plate set by CalyxAnn

"Vibrant red, yellow, orange and white cheese platter with upcycled etched wine bottle and dipping dish."

Oriental kanji and lampwork earrings by Catdy99

"My handmade lampwork beads and bone beads with oriental writing (kanji) on them."

Animal Prints Fused Dichroic Glass Barrette by ccvalenzo

"The collection of colors and patterns all come together for a rich and glorious look full of jungle animal prints. "

Glass Button by Chris1

"A glass button for you to decorate a journal or a purse or anything you may want to use it on."

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Fused Glass said...

Some gorgeous work here!