Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Street Team Newsletters~ Sign up and Win FREE Goodies!

In the spirit of helping and sharing success stories with new and upcoming Street Teams, I thought it would be helpful to highlight a marketing concept that works!

Several months ago, Ahna of the Eclectic Jewelry Artisans (EJA) and the Spirit of Dark Art, started advertising the EJA newsletter with a marketing concept designed to get people to visit their team website and sign up for their newsletter. It’s very simple, an item or prize package is donated by the team member, and it is given away at regular intervals, for example, the of the month or end of the quarter, in a drawing from the newsletter subscribers.

Since then, the CGGE contacted Ahna and asked her if we too could use this marketing tactic, she was happy to share the idea and now several other street teams are also successfully utilizing this tactic to encourage newsletter subscriptions!

Newsletters are a great way to share your team goings-on with others and include coupons, promos and other interesting articles!

Currently, I know of at least 4 street teams that offer regular prize drawings from their newsletter subscription lists:

Spirit of Dark Art

Please visit these sites, by clicking on the banners or hyperlinked text, sign up to receive the informative newsletters and you might just win a fabulous prize!

**IF your team has a newsletter and wants to encourage increased subscription, try offering a FREE monthly prize! Let me know if I missed you on the list above and we’ll include you on the next one.

Thanks and good luck street teams!

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