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Simple Sales Tips For Your Etsy Shop AND How To Offer Sales

I’m sure someone has already done this, but I didn’t find an existing tutorial (I didn’t look very hard, so if you know of one please add the link to the comments section below!), so I decided to make one, based on several requests from my Etsy Street Team members, the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (singing in my best Julie Andrew’s voice). I’m assuming you already have your shop in order, with a banner, avatar, shop announcement and profile (if you don’t, do it NOW! It’s important to have a professional well thought out shop appearance!)

If you are not graphically gifted with Photoshop etc. you can buy avatars and banners on Etsy. I bought mine from and she worked with me all the way, creating a custom image for my shop (, I LOVE it!

Browse successful shops for an IDEA of how to word your shop profile and announcement and what type of information to post there, but DO NOT copy word for word, that’s against the rules, and it’s just not cool! Try and make your Shop Announcement fairly brief, if it is too long, people won’t scroll down to see your stuff! Make sure you always have at least 5 featured items picked out, so if one sells, another will fill the slot.

Also, when you have the time, do your homework and check out this insanely helpful Ultimate Newbie Guide~

I like to leave a personal message to my “buyers”. You do that here: “Your Etsy” “Shop Setup” “Appearance” “Message to Buyers” (Figure 1).
FIGURE 1: Shows the shop announcement and message to buyers where you can leave personal messages to your buyers.
Here’s my little ditty:
“Thank you for your Purchase! We try very hard to SHIP DAILY! Items bought on Saturday or Sunday will usually ship the following Monday.

If you have any questions about your purchase, or are unhappy for any reason please contact us at or convo. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order!
Shipping & Handling charges include bubble wrap, peanuts, box and USPS/UPS charges.

As a member of the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy, I would like to invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter for your chance to win FREE glass prizes and receive valuable coupons and updates! By signing up for the newsletter at you will be eligible to win a FREE glass prize given away in a monthly drawing, and you can learn more about our members and how we create the diverse glass pieces represented by our group.

Thanks again,
Peggy & Kristie”

So, now what do you do when you get a SALE?

I like to convo the buyer within one day of the sale, thanking them for their purchase, and letting them know when their item will ship. If they paid already, I thank them for the prompt payment and let them know I left them positive feedback. I actually include the shipping date on the feedback, some people don’t leave feedback until they receive it, but if they paid, I feel they did what they were supposed to, so I should recognize that with prompt feedback.

What if they don’t pay promptly?

I follow up with another convo reminding them of my shipping policy, (within one day of payment etc.) Then, if 3 more days go by, I send an invoice via PayPal (see below on how to send a revised invoice for screen shots and instructions), but always remember to check and see what method of payment they chose, if you accept money orders or checks, it could be in the snail mail! I’ve never had a non-paying buyer, if you do end up with one of these, you will need to cancel your sale through Etsy, go to “Your Etsy” “Items” “Cancel a Sale” (Figure 2)
FIGURE 2: The "Cancel a Sale" screen

TIP: Your buyers don’t need a PayPal account to buy from you, they can use their credit card with PayPal without having a PayPal account! You can even add this info to your listings, announcement and/or profile. Go to PayPal, select the “Send Money” tab, then click the “See Demo” button and select “New User” to see how! (Figure 3).
FIGURE 3: Send money tab of Paypal, the "See Demo" button is near the upper right hand of the screen.


You can do several things here:
Give away something FREE with your orders and post that in your listings, announcements, and profile. Example: FREE chain or choker cable with the purchase of 3 pendants.

Offer FREE SHIPPING, edit your listings ahead of time to equal $0 shipping.

Take a set % off, you can edit your listings ahead of time, be sure to include Pre-Sale price in the listing. Example: 10% OFF, Was $100, Now $90.

Create a special SALE section with items you have edited and marked down already
Offer, a BOGO (Buy One, Get One (free, 25% off, etc), a percent off, or free shipping and then send a “revised invoice” via PayPal after the buyer checks out.

Instruct your buyers to use a “code” in the Notes to Seller box (Figure 4) Example: 15% off everything, mention “SNS” in notes to seller and await revised PayPal invoice.
Buyers are to checkout through Etsy but should be instructed NOT TO PAY, until they receive a revised invoice from you.

FIGURE 4: Always be sure to check the "Notes" and Message from the seller for sales codes/coupons and special instructions regarding gifts or mailing addresses.

Go to your PayPal, log in and either:
i. Request money (Figure 5) for the revised amount, and in the text box, explain the details. Example, you offered 15% off. You can write, $100 – 15% ($15) = $85 + $5 S&H = $90 total. You will need the buyers email address (you can find this in your etsy, sold orders, details of the order—see Figure 6)

FIGURE 5: The basic way to request money via PayPal, it is not itemized and does not have a separate indication for S&H charges, but you can explain your invoicing in the "notes" section.

FIGURE 6: The location in Etsy where you can find your buyers email address to use for your PayPal invoices.

ii. OR use the new Paypal "Invoice Tool" and create an itemized invoice, which is very easy, and in my opinion more professional (Figure 7). Once again, you’ll need your buyers PayPal email address.
FIGURE 7: The PayPal "Invoice Tool" form, it is itemized and easy to complete, and looks more professional.

What next?
Send your items out, in a timely manner, and let your buyer know when it shipped, by what method and when they should expect to receive it! Example: “Your order shipped today, 9/25/07 via Standard USPS, you should expect to receive your order in 5-7 days. Thanks again for your purchase and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about your order.”

These are just my suggestions and tips, there are many others out there, you can always find an answer on the Etsy forums or try the EtsyWiki or the invaluable newbie guide for even more tips, tools, ideas, and suggestions.

Please feel free to add your comments to the blog, especially if I totally missed something important!

Happy Selling and Good Luck!

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Artful Antiques said...

These are all good tips but I need to know how I get people to find my shop. Do I need to post an item a day to get my goods to the top of the list? There are so many great how do I up my sales?