Sunday, October 14, 2007

I "heart" Squidglass! Look at this glass pendant!

I LOVE Etsy, and this seller, is a great contributor to the Etsy community! Here's Why!

Hi all! Just a quick shop review of one of my favorite glass buddies! Su of Squidglass made my day when I received one of her stunning and original Millefiori garden glass pendants, like the one seen to the left! Squidglass is so charming and sweet, my pendant arrived quickly and well packaged in a super cool little tin, along with a "care" card which included instructions on how to care for my piece! Super cool, indeed! The first day I wore my new piece, I had 2 different people compliment me on it. I was able to give them the website of Su, Squidglass AND introduce them to Etsy at the same time. It's so fun to talk about Etsy and the great finds there/here!
My actual pendant is below, I'm 7 months pregnant so I don't look too hot, but check out that belly! Hehehhe. A little baggy eyes, and swollen face, but otherwise happy and healthy with huge knockers, that my new fused glass pendant accentuates! hahah.

The ever growing 7 month belly, yikes, my 18 month daughter and 2 dogs in the background!
Thank you so much Su! If you want to read a super cool article written by Su on how she finds inspiration, please check out this link:
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Kat said...

That is one beautiful belly!