Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just Caught My Eye!

I spent some time browsing through fellow CGGE member's shops on Etsy. It really is amazing to see the many different ways that an artist can make their vision a reality using glass as a medium. These are some of my favorites, but check out their shops by clicking on the links to see what catches your eye!

This wonderful green apple pendant comes from the shop of Makena Lei Creations

A dragonfly fell in love with me one day last week. It followed me everywhere almost to the point of through the front door into the house. A beautiful pendant from Mango Tango Design
reminds me of my new friend.

This green grass bracelet can be found in the shop of marciamenendez. It is a beautiful green color, which I am missing with each fallen leaf that gets added to the piles now that Fall is here in New Jersey. I love the colors of the leaves in the Fall, but nothing beats the color of Spring and Summer in my opinion!

mouchette has something in her shop that would look wonderful in just any room of my house. Yes, it has a few leaves on it, but they look just like the ones from my favorite tree in my yard. This piece has it all: texture, depth, shape, color and pure beauty.

This piece, entitled "Hands Together" in found in the Etsy shop of Nanette Bevan and it has a special bale on the back so it can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch. I love the color combination and am partial to gold but what I really love is the message that I get from this piece; that standing together is important in so many different family, professional and community endeavors. It is ok to help and to be helped.

My final selection comes from the shop nivenglassoriginals. It is a
fun piece that brings a smile to my face. I would put it in my bathroom (It is a pin, but I could figure a way!), so that I remembered to take the time to at least find some chapstick and mascara before I left the house. Yes, some days are just that crazy around here. It will remind me that you usually feel better when you put your best face forward.

Enjoy checking out the shops these wonderful CGGE artists have on Etsy. You will be glad you did.


OhanaGlassDesigns said...

Looks great! I like your lyrical writing for each feature.

Natasha :)

Glassprimitif said...

Beautiful picks. Glass is such a versatile medium